Personal info

This is me, Jorge Díez Peláez, and on this website you can find some information related to my professional life and the place where I live. You can also find a selection of papers that I have published in international journals and conferences, as well as a list of the subjects in which I have taught.

Artificial Intelligence Center
University of Oviedo at Gijón
Campus de Viesques
33204 – Gijón (Spain)

email: jdiez at uniovi dot es
phone: +34 985 18 25 88

Google Scholar

In the Machine Learning Group (MLGroup) is where I carry out my research activity.

MLGroup is part of the Artificial Intelligence Center of the University of Oviedo at Gijón.

In the Campus of Viesques (Gijón) of the University of Oviedo is where I teach.

I was also working in the Regional Agrifood Research and Development Service (SERIDA) for two years.

Gijón is the city where I live and work, a coastal city in northern Spain full of charm.

Gijón is located in the Principality of Asturias. Asturias is a beautiful place with hundreds of kilometers of coastline and mountainous areas that exceed two thousand meters.

And, who does not know Spain? Located in southwestern Europe, it is one of its largest countries.